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  1. Very well shipped
    Very well shipped with minimal damage to the box itself. Took a while to get to me but that is expected considering where I live. Overall very good experience and will be buying shoes from here again.

  2. My order arrived
    The only issue I have is, I wish they would email the customer with the imperfections, even if it's minor. But overall my purchase went smooth and my order arrived on time as scheduled. I will order again

  3. Got my Dior
    Just recieved my pair of Dior after 2 weeks of the purchase. All good, brand new 100% authentic and the price was incredible . I would recommend Dypeshop, I’m from Portugal.

  4. Great sneakers Store
    Great sneakers online store and will order in the future, the whole process was effortless and the updates were consistent. Delivery was well ahead of expected. Not mention the prices absolutely.

  5. Overall wonderful
    Was great, authenticity was fast, shipping was pretty fast, etc. The shoes came in pristine condition I have no complaints. They give me then a 10% a code discount for me to use for my next purchase. Overall wonderful experience.

  6. sealed products came
    My items came in good condition tight wrapping, etc. I cannot emphasize enough how important these precautions and extra measures are when it comes to sealed products. Even some of the most well-known and reputable sites in the industry will neglect these tiny details that result in huge disasters which result in my sealed products being compromised by the time they reach me. All because they didn't take the time, didn't put in the effort, or perhaps just flat out didn't care enough to ensure that their products are secure and well-protected when leaving their facility. Often my packages arrive damaged, dented, partially opened, ripped, etc. Then my sealed product has rips or the perforated edgings have been forced open due to mishandling and poor packaging. In the past, I have literally received a package containing a very expensive, sealed product that I purchased, and found the corners of the shipping box to be a bit dented in. Thankfully it was a big box with only 5 small items inside so I felt relief knowing that my products were most likely safe and unharmed. Then when I opened the package, there was one of the few sealed products I ordered, sitting right at the top of a mountain of packing peanuts. Sadly, none of the packing peanuts were protecting my item and the top had been crushed inwards. I mean who puts something delicate like that at the top of the package? Idk, I'm done.

  7. Pleasantly Surprised
    I’m always skeptical of buying shoes online, but Dypeshop was a great experience. The selection is excellent, and even though many shoes are expensive there are some that are good value. Eastkick kept me updated from confirmation on, and the turnaround time to my door was better than reasonable. The shoes are fitting great and the price was awesome and I’ve had plenty of compliments and questions about where they came from. I’ve directed them all to Dypeshop.

  8. Got My Air Jordan 1's earlier than
    Got My Air Jordan 1's earlier than expected. Definitely, will buy more Jordans from Stock X. They are Authentic and the entire process from Purchase to Delivery was Awesome. Thanks Eastkick You guys are the real Deal. Doc P

  9. Loved the shoes
    Loved the shoes. One pair came on DHL Express, which was a bit annoying because it took longer, but they came and were great condition. After all I can't complain as they do have the best prices. I'm definitely buying again

  10. My order was cancelled
    My order was cancelled and I received a refund. While I appreciate the quality control, the fact that the very same shoes were still for sale at a slightly higher price was confusing. If I order them again, will they be purchased form a different source, or will I just be repeating the same failed attempt?

  11. I got everything I wanted
    Got the item that I ordered!! Very satisfied with all the process given. It seems like the process of check up and delivery was very thorough and fast! I live in South Korea, and will order more often in the future.

  12. they went above and beyond
    Eastkick went above and beyond to ensure I received my order when I needed to change my delivery address. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t receive my order before departing on vacation. They arranged to have my shipping address changed with Fed X and I got my order delivered while on vacation! Thanks Eastkick you guys are the best

  13. Problems
    I was trying to buy a pair of sneakers (It wasn’t my first time buying) I placed an order then my order got declined and I tried to replace the order all over again and got declined to… I just don’t understand if it was their website problem because my bank says with them was all good and I have the money on my card.

  14. amazing
    Package came exactly as described and nothing was damaged. I was a bit iffy on EastKick at first. Because the package took a while and I tried to email them once and they didn't get back to me after 3 days. Now I believe my eyes as the sneakers are into my hands and they look awesome. Thank you guys and keep up the work.

  15. The real deal
    When my son requested that I purchase some really expensive Jordan’s from this site, I was very skeptical. But I went ahead with the purchase. It was a very smooth process. The shoes arrived in a very timely manner. No issues at all. Keep it up guys

  16. I'm happy to buy
    This was a little pricey but it was well worth it. The shoes seem to take a little longer regarding the delivery than I had anticipated but other than that it’s a great fit. I know where to go when I can’t find shoes that I like Dypeshop is the place to buy, the place to shop and the place to be happy with what you purchased. Thank you so much for your time regarding this matter.

  17. Love Dypeshop
    I love Dypeshop they always have what I’m looking for. The shipping is fast. Updates are always on par. My only disappointment is, I will find an item at a great price in my budget. By the end of the purchase it’s an extra $80-$100 in taxes fees. I wish that most of expenses could be included in the beginning price. Overall great service, excellent merchandise.

  18. The pictures and description
    The pictures and description of these shoes did not at all accurately show the color/finish of the shoes purchased. They looked matt black in the photos and are a shiny reflective material in reality. Not happy with picture/description. Rest of the transaction was good and smooth. Quick shipping etc. Unfortunately I have a pair of shoes I will never wear and cannot return etc.

  19. So far so good and I like Dypeshop for legit stuff … I’d put 5 stars if they would accept payment from Mexico. I had to tell my friend to order it for me because he lives outside Israel … but other than that I am very satisfied with E.K… Keep it up and more power… God Bless! Cheers…

  20. Quick and easy
    Verification plus delivery from US to Australia took less time than when buying directly from Nike's AU website Great timely updates and seamless process! Will shop again

  21. First and last time
    Really thinking if this will be my first and last time buying from Dypeshop, really disappointing on how long I been having to wait for my order I guess just happy they find alternatives when something goes wrong but not happy with the amount of time I been having to wait and still need to wait to receive a order I placed 3 weeks ago plus another week till I get my order.

  22. I didn't think I was
    I didn't think I was going to get my Jordan 1 USA due to I didn't receive updated emails like I did when I had ordered my son's Retro but I finally got them and I am satisfied. Thank you!

  23. One part of my order
    One part of my purchase was cancelled because apparently the other part never shipped the shoes, but my credit card was charged as soon as I placed the order, then two weeks later you redounded me the money in another currency and I lost money in the exchange.

  24. First time here
    As a first time customer, I am pleased that I could get these hard to find shoes. The pricing structure on Dypeshop is a little confusing. The price changes with colors . I also have no experience in repeat business or how likely another shoe would be available. Good to know this resource and super happy I got my green Yeezy shoes.

  25. Good not awesome
    Experience was good, not awesome. Wasn’t super clear that when the order was placed, there was a waiting point between when you clicked “place order” and when your card was charged, and no confirmation email after you placed your order. Really happy with the shoes though, just not a super clear purchasing process.

  26. I got my Jordan
    I just bought some Air Jordans for my daughter off Dypeshop. Glad they fit because you can’t return or exchange them. I guess i didn’t realize that before buying. Otherwise the shoes arrived in perfect condition.

  27. Very well shipped
    This was my first experience ordering from EastKick and it went very well, but I was also very concerned. Upon ordering, I did not get the standard order or confirmation number and there was no phone number or email to contact for questions. So it felt like “thanks for your money, now scram” However. They did email me (two days later) and when it shipped, and my order arrived verified and in perfect condition much faster than expected. A lot faster. Weeks faster. The only reason I’m not rating at 5 stars is because I was stressed all the way out with no order confirmation or way to reach out. Will definitely buy from them again despite the anxiety.

  28. not my first option
    Although I've heard good things from this company, I haven't had the same experience. Upon ordering my shoes, which were ordered on the 12th, I was sent an email letting me know that the shoes would be delivered to me by the 23rd. After what had been almost two weeks, I finally got an email saying my shoes had arrived at EK and would be shipped out to me shortly. Now I know my way around the sneaker business and I usually order from places like GOAT, Flightclub, etc. however, when you order with EK you aren't able to return your shoes and they even tell you they aren't responsible for any defects that come with the shoe as they are listed as factory second. It is now the first of June and I still haven't received my shoes that were ordered almost one week a ago. I do not recommend ordering from here unless you have time to wait and are okay with reselling if your shoes come damaged or in the wrong size. But yes the do have the greatest prices of all time

  29. Great trainers
    Great trainers!! Completely perfect. The only thing is that they didn’t send them to the right direction and I had to call DHL to get it fixed, so it got home a bit late. But rather than that, everything was fab.

  30. Good condition
    Eastkick shoes were in good condition, were the box on the other hand was not, after i requested a good box, it came with multiple dents and rips. The shoes were not creased but were a little dirty which i find very unusual. After all I still recommend them for their great prices and great customer service communications.

  31. Great website
    Great website, easy to use Easy to order and super fast delivery Best thing is shoes are verified prior to being sent out so you know you are buying authentic Will def. Use again and highly recommend

  32. No Issue
    I have made two purchases on EastKick. The site is very easy to use for both. I didn’t have any issues, but if I did, they do provide you with different ways to reach out to them. They are a reputable company and I would definitely purchase with them again.

  33. Great Idea to buy
    What a great idea EastKick have! I’d never heard of them until I did an online search for the shoes I was looking to buy. I had a great experience using the site and buying the shoes, I saved $400 on the price compared to the store I was originally looking to purchase from. Easy website to navigate around, winning price, fast delivery. Loved it and highly recommend.

  34. I recommend this
    Well to be honest I wasn’t expecting too much but i received the funniest email after purchasing and they were very helpful with all my questions. 10/10 would recommend, will definitely be purchasing from Eastkick again!

  35. bad communication
    The price fluctuated each time I checked it. But the order process was easy. The shoes arrived in a timely manner. Very disappointed with trying to get customer service help!! I want to remove my credit card info from website. But have not been able to. Contacting EastKick is a joke!!!

  36. I just give 4 stars
    I just give 4 star not 5 because of some minor issue like the box of the shoes is dirty, and there’s no unique smell coming from a new shoes, but the shoe is new!

  37. Very happy with purchase
    Very happy with my purchase, was a little sceptical at first but I put my trust in you guys and you delivered perfectly, I will definitely be ordering again and recommending to friends

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