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Over 1Million Sneakers Shipped Worldwide.

EastKick Footwear Ltd. Estabilished in New York City and then expanded into Europe is operating all over the world, we specialize in FS (Factory Second) sneakers that are no longer available at traditional retailers. In many cases these items have sold out immediately upon their general release. These products are consigned with us by trusted sellers.

EastKick is the one-stop destination for buying high end Sneakers.

A Lifetime of Passion Luxury sneakers aren’t just our business, they’re our way of life. What you wear, we understand, tells a tale about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Our FS sneakers is the new way of shopping. Since we have experienced it, we know this. We’ve seen this culture evolve with us, and from the beginning, we have been a part of it.

Committed to what is right.

We believe in the power of truth, authenticity, and transparency. We do the right thing, and we do it right. We’re always listening and always learning so we can deliver the quality experience our customers deserve every single day. Our diverse and epic team is bound together by a deep belief in our vision, a passionate commitment to each other, and a shared joy in the adventure of it all. We play to win and have fun while doing it.

Elevated Customer Service at EastKick.

As Sneaker lovers our success is based on treating you the way we want to be treated. Our first goal is to build the first and greatest FS Sneakers Company that allows both professionals and novices to buy Luxury sneakers in a transparent and smart way.

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